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Ford Driving Dreams Through Education – To prevent  high school dropout prevention in the Latino communities, LULAC Queens Council 23047 has been awarded the Ford Driving Dreams through Education

Ford Driving Dreams through Education is a special program that seeks to work with LULAC Councils to develop community-building projects that address high school dropout prevention in the Latino community.The high school dropout issue is complex and requires creative solutions at the local level. The variables that most affect school desertion are mainly socio economical problems The newest immigrants are less likely to be documented, speak English fluently, or have high level of education. They are more likely to live in poverty, overcrowded housing, and have high risk for numerous health problems.


This problem is even more severe between Latino population living in the area In the homes that are located in the  bottom 20%
income level, 28% of teenagers between 15 and 18 years old have abandoned school. On the other hand, children in the same
age range from homes situated in the highest 20% of income earning level have only a 4.7% rate of school abandonment. An
after school program that offers the participants an opportunity to succeed in technical career are great motivation to overcome
poverty. Early Pregnancy is another factor that causes drop-out cases.  According to the Central for Disease Control and
Prevention, have the higher birth rates for Hispanic Youth and comprise 57% of U.S. teen births in 2010.  The National
Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy report 6,485 cases for Hispanic youth in New York representing 40% of
the total cases.  The after school program will minimize time for teenagers to engage in sexual activities, focusing their
attention in perusing a technical career.
We will be working with Pan American International High School of  Queens.  in coordination with the Principal
Minerva Zanca, Assistant Principal Anthony Riccardo, and Student Councellor Patricia Galoppo who are concern of the high
rates of high-school student drop outs in their school.  LULAC will provide with a workshop series targeted to parents to
empower them to support their kids into a college degree Fluid New Media Lab will provide educational workshop for teenagers
that leverage their ability to qualify for technical careers in Information Technology
LULAC Queens Council 23047 in partnership collaboration with Fluid New Media Lab, will focus on after school based
activities for Latino youth students enforcing STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) through workshops  that will help its participants to acquire the academic and behavioral skills needed to achieve their high school diploma. This project is oriented to gather 20 students from 9th and 10th grade who can learn about state-of-the-art information technology such as the basic of computing systems design.
The program will produce educational series focused on the use technology and art.  We will enhance  the  program through leadership workshops, field trips to visit museums, area colleges and to explore career opportunities, incentives for students, and parental involvement workshops  to help them strategize for their children’s’ college education.
Thought an after school program we will investigate and communicate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) topics through activities that use digital media, design, including sound, video and games, to encourage the progra participants to get involved at high-school activities.  The programmed will have guest artists and technicians that offer activities focused on computer science, robotics, acoustic engineering, electronic engineering, and audio-visual technologies. We believe this program will retain students in high-school as it will develop technical skills they will need to pursue a career in high-tech jobs.  Opening a new career vision as future professionals working in all industries and deal with information as: hardware, software, networks, the internet and many other applications that are available now.
The objective of the program will prevent  high school dropouts as the participant youth at risk will have access to a fun after school program that is organized at their high school, using the high school resources as the main organizing site.     We will organize the group to participate in open workshops using technology that will enhance their ability to communicate and create projects within the high school curriculum.
As a complementary activity we  will conduct seminars for parents.  We will focus this series of seminars to enforce the parents motivation towards their kids earning a high-school degree.  Parents will receive training in Spanish on: Self-esteem & Success Techniques.
The program will be lead by Gabriel Roldos and Sylvia Mata.
Sylvia Mata is the President of the League of United Latin American Citizens “LULAC” Queens Council 23047 and  she is part of LULAC since 2009 and act as  Queens Council ‘s president since June 2011, she has a BS en Economics and Statistics from Universidad Central del Ecuador and MBA from “Instituto de Empresa” Madrid-Spain.
Gabriel Roldos has a background in arts education and administration.  His carrier begins as manager of education
programs for the Queens Museum of Art, and as executive producer of Fluid New Media Lab.  Thought these two non-profit art projects, Gabriel is able to produce a series of workshops for adult and youth that focus on the use of technology.

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